Hello and a warm welcome to my website.

I am a singer/songwriter from Shrewsbury in the UK.

For the past decade I have performed in various projects/bands and have gigged extensively around the UK and occasionally abroad. I have been playing the guitar since the age of seventeen and have been writing frequently from that point onward.

Listen exclusively NOW to my NEW latest song releases by clicking here: Where Are We Running To? and by clicking here: Heat From The Street

In 2012 I went into the recording studio for the very first time with AWR productions who are based in Wolverhampton and recorded my first EP.  You can listen and buy a copy of this CD by clicking here: Sonnetsmith Debut EP

My first EP contained songs I had written over a long  period of time and were about my life and my reflections on those experiences.  I continue to write songs about life, my observations of people and the experiences that I have had. I am now in the studio to record my very first album entitled; ‘Tomorrow’s Resolutions’ which will be released in 2022 so you buy a copy when it is released. Some of these tracks will be released very soon so watch this space and keep checking this website.

So please join me on my journey, follow me on my socials, listen to my music and come to one of my shows !

Thank you 

Sonnetsmith x