Welcome to my media page. Here you will find a variety of Youtube clips and recordings. These may include music videos, live shows and acoustic versions of new original songs and covers.  I hope you enjoy and share with all of your friends. Please feel free to leave a comment and check back regularly for new content.

Check out my latest release ‘KickBack!’ which will feature on my debut album ‘Tomorrow Resolutions’ below:

KickBack! (Original Song & Video)

Where are We Running To?  (Original Song & Video)

This is me Sonnetsmith in my first music video alongside my brother Andy with my original song; ‘Where are we Running To?’ Written about our abusive upbringing within the care system and for our new business Smash Life.

I am now available to hire for all occasions to perform acoustically. With all my own professional PA equipment and lighting and eighteen years of live music performance experience, I can play an array of covers for you and your guests . Please visit my bookings page on this site to see all the songs I can play and how to book me. Check out some other classic covers I can perform below.

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Acoustic Cover

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley (Sonnetsmith Cover)

If I fell – The Beatles (Sonnetsmith Cover)

She’s Electric – Oasis (Sonnetsmith Cover)

Give it Time (Original Song) – Sonnetsmith

About this song

Give it time is a demo of a song that I wrote in 2016. Experimenting with DADGAD tuning I stumbled across some lovely chord changes that evoked some inspiration to write a new song. This song is about being patient with your dreams and realising that although we all have to work to earn money, just give your dreams and hopes time to flourish. As they say you reap what you sow. If those fail you can always escape into the field of dreams in your mind.

Little Things (Original Song) – Sonnetsmith

About this song

Little things is a song I wrote in 2015. Throughout our lives we meet and come into contact with thousands of people, this song was about how one connection can differ and stand out from all of the rest. It is also with the most important relationships and connections in our lives that we remember the idiosyncrasies that people bring and what we remember when those relationships begin or fall apart.

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