Recording Sessions Finished For Debut Album!

I have finished recording my debut album ‘Tomorrows Resolutions’ with Kev the producer /engineer!

We have recorded all the songs ready to go onto my debut album and now the songs are going to be mixed and mastered by Kev Bartlett .

The album will be released this year and will feature the following the songs :

1/ Keep It Real

2/ KickBack!

3/ Where Are We Running To?

4/ It’s So Easy

5/ Us Against The World

6/ Send Me Back To Hell

7/ Karma’s A Bitch

8/ The Time Is Now!

9/ Soul Shaker

10/ Crying In Your Hole

11/ Broken

12/ This Is Not Goodbye

You can reserve your copy now by emailing: NOW! There will be a very limited amount of physical sales and this album won’t be released online until a much later date.

Matt x

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