Sonnetsmiths New Project! Get Involved.

After the next two months of gigs ( April/May 2013) Sonnetsmith & Emma J have decided to focus their time on a new project.

This Saturday will see the pair gig at Romolos bar in Shrewsbury – Saturday 27th April 9pm start.

The pair will continue to gig together at venues acoustically as normal but have decided that May will see them both travelling upto Liverpool to play a short set of original songs at the famous Cavern Pub to hopefully connect with a marketing company who deal with original artists, so fingers crossed.

After May Sonnetsmith & Emma J want to hear from you if you want to do a one off show with them in a classy  Shrewsbury venue this October/ November 2013?

The show will consist of 100% original music and we would like to hear off the following people if you are serious about joining in with the fun and enjoying yourself. We require the following musicians/creative people to attend a jam/audition.

So if you are a drummer, a bass player,a backing singer, a pianist/keyboard player then please get in touch via facebook or on twitter @sonnetsmith

It would be lovely to hear from anyone interested

Many Thanks

Matt/Emma x

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